What I Do

Mentoring Programs with Dr. Betty

Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever. But without support, individuals can feel isolated. Cross-cultural mentoring with Dr. Betty enhances the power of difference to work in your organization.

“Studies from McKinsey, Deloitte, and Catalyst show that diverse boards outperform, diverse teams outperform, and companies with strong DEI brands are more profitable and market leaders.”
Josh Bersin, Bersin Report, April 20, 2021


Sustainable Change Begins with Opening Hearts

Dr. Betty Neal Crutcher offers new solutions for recruitment and retention through fostering a sense of welcoming and belonging and by expanding the table of hope and healing. Through listening, guiding, supporting, and providing wise counsel, Dr. Crutcher works with leaders, individuals, and teams through cross-cultural mentoring which helps create a pathway to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Participants learn core skills, and through a process of self-discovery and open dialogue, abilities and strengths is renewed.

Cross-Cultural Mentoring for Leaders

  • Supporting gracious humility
  • Considering a spectrum of perspectives
  • Communicating with consideration
  • Fostering an environment of engagement and inclusion

Individual and Diverse Teams Workshops

  • Exploring best practices of cross-cultural mentoring to enhance a sense of belonging
  • Sharing cross-cultural conversations to develop trust
  • Learning to listen with a higher purpose for retention and results
  • Creating the art of welcoming for moving the mission forward with intention and resolve

Focused on the Three V’s

VALUES in finding the commonalities between people of all ethnicities, and backgrounds, and in building trust and understanding.

VIRTUES in the face of numerous challenges the abilities and ways of knowing how to deal with many personalities, cultures, and experiences, while maintaining individual and institutional boundaries, and overcoming barriers between people.

VISION in the commitment that inspires one to clear educational pathways and help others overcome obstacles and limitations.


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