Cross-Cultural Mentoring with Dr. Betty

Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever. But without support, individuals can feel isolated. Cross-cultural mentoring enhances the power of difference to work in your organization. Cross-cultural mentoring is an ongoing, intentional, mutually beneficial process. Through listening, guiding, supporting, and providing wise counsel, cross-cultural mentors help create a pathway to the heart of workplace diversity and inclusion. Participants learn core skills through a process of self-discovery and open dialogue to create a culture of respect for differences, and value for each individual’s unique abilities and strengths.

Dr. Betty Neal Crutcher can assist your organization by:

    • Supporting your leaders through workshops on cross-cultural mentoring
    • Supporting individuals through workshops for diverse teams
    • Supporting individuals through one-on-one cross-cultural mentoring

Dr. Crutcher can assist with bringing your teams together by focusing on best practices, such as the Three V’s: Values, Virtues, and Vision. These actions strengthen relationships, enhance cultural humility, and lead to greater recruitment and retention.

What People Say About Working with Dr. Betty

Miami University

“Your experience… will provide insights that few individuals can provide.”

James T. Oris, Ph.D, Associate Provost for Research and Scholarship & Dean of the Graduate School, University Distinguished Professor, Miami University, Oxford, OH

American Association of Colleges and Universities

“…wonderful address… So many of our staff were impressed by your reflections… your reflections will surely inspire us.”

Dr. Tia Brown McNair, Associate Vice President of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Student Success, American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU), Washington, D.C.

Global Diversity Leadership Conference

"Cross-cultural mentoring is at the center of any effective diversity leadership initiative."

Martha R.A. Fields, Chair and Founder of the Global Diversity Leadership Conference at Harvard

University of Richmond

"In this cultural time when there is heartache around differences of all kinds, if we all take Dr. Betty as our mentor, we would find a way to transcend and appreciate and move forward together."

Rev. Dr. Craig Kocher, University Chaplain and Jessie Ball duPont Chair of the Chaplaincy, University of Richmond

Dr. Betty's Clients

Dr. Betty Neal Crutcher is honored to have worked with universities, health organizations, businesses, and nonprofits that include:

University of Richmond
UMASS Amherts
BlueCross BlueShield
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
BlueCross BlueShield
Harvard Medical School

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